Martin Walkyier

Начало творчества: 1995
Martin Walkyier

Martin Walkyier (born September 20, 1967) is an English singer who began his career with thrash metal band Sabbat in the late 1980s, releasing two albums. After leaving Sabbat in 1990 due to differences with other band members, Walkyier teamed up with guitarist Steve Ramsey (ex-Satan/Pariah/Blind Fury) to form a heavy metal band with strong folk influences, called Skyclad. Skyclad proved an ideal vehicle for his thought-provoking lyrics. Walkyier led Skyclad through the release of numerous albums, notably Prince of the Poverty Line, before quitting, apparently frustrated by financial and management decisions made by other band members.

Following his departure from Skyclad, Walkyier formed another band, The Clan Destined in 2001. Following a dispute between himself and the other members of The Clan Destined, the nature of which is unclear, he announced his retirement from actively making music in 2005, with The Clan Destined's single demo therefore his last recorded release. In press releases in 2005 Walkyier finished the demo himself, together with James Murphy (producing) and Andy Sneap and in early April 2006 released In the Big Ending on The Clan Destined's website.

In recent interviews, Martin has stated that he will use the free time he now has due to his retirement from music to concentrate on his writing.

Along with Andy Sneap, Frazer Craske (who has now left the band and been replaced by Gizz Butt), Simon Jones and Simon Negus, Walkyier reformed Sabbat at the end of 2006, playing a number of shows at the request of Cradle of Filth. 2007 saw them booked for a number of European festivals. In 2008, Sabbat toured through parts of the U.S. and U.K.

However, in late October 2009, Walkyier announced that he is working upon writing and recording some brand-new material for The Clan Destined. He felt encouraged by messages from fans and promised his father to write something to honour his memory. He has recruited the "exceptionally talented" guitarist and composer Jacqui Taylor to the band. Furthermore, Jay Graham, former Skyclad drummer will be drumming on the new Clan Destined album.

Walkyier further states: "I'm currently looking for people who have what it takes to join together with me in this creative endeavour, both in the studio and at live THE CLAN DESTINED concerts (you know who you are!).

Martin Walkyier Martin Walkyier